Welcome to the ADHD Clinic at UNCG


Another important function of the ADHD Clinic is its research mission, the goal of which is to increase understanding of ADHD and its management through clinical research.

Previously Funded Research

North Carolina Genetics of ADHD Project (NC GAP) – A 5-year project that examined the genetic basis of ADHD, conducted in collaboration with the Center for Human Genetics and the ADHD Clinic at Duke University

Stimulant Medication Misuse & Abuse among College Students – A 2-year project that examined college students’ perceptions of the use and misuse of stimulant medications on college campuses, conducted in collaboration with Dr. David Rabiner at Duke University


Ongoing Graduate Student Research

The ADHD Clinic has also served as a site through which unfunded, graduate student research has been completed.  Over the past 16 years more than 30 doctoral dissertations, Master’s theses, and Capstone projects have been conducted.

Two dissertation projects are nearing completion, including the work of:

  • Allison Coville Bray, M.A., who is examining the relationship between ADHD and depression among college students
  • Sarah O’Rourke, M.A.,who is investigating college students with ADHD and their risk for anxiety disorders


Undergraduate Student Research

More than 40 undergraduate students have received research training through independent study; two additional undergraduates have done ADHD-related Honors theses examining Parenting stress among mothers and fathers of children with ADHD and the Relationship between ADHD and IQ.