Welcome to the ADHD Clinic at UNCG


Jessica & ADA Graduation2Jessica W. Benson, Ph.D.
Graduated:  August 2013
Dissertation:  College Students with ADHD: Risk for Alcohol-Related Consequences and Impairment
Internship:  Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology



Nicole K. Schatz, Ph.D.
Graduated:  December 2012
Dissertation:  The Relationship Between Maternal Depression and Child ADHD
Internship:  University of Minnesota Medical School

Taylor F. Smith, Ph.D.
Graduated:  August  2012
Dissertation:  Fetal Growth Compromise Moderates Associations between SNP’s within Angiogenic and Neurotropic Genes and ADHD Symptom Severity
Internship:  Temple University Hospital/Shriners Hospitals for Children

Jennifer L. Sommer, Ph.D.
Graduated:  May  2012
Dissertation:  Informant Gender Differences in Parental Reports of ADHD Behavior in Boys and Girls
Internship:  University of Louisville Medical Center

Lisa M. DeGrass, Ph.D.
Graduated:   December 2009
Dissertation:  An Examination of the Appropriateness of the Content of the DSM-IV ADHD Symptom Criteria
Internship:  Children’s Hospital Boston

Jennifer Smith Adams, Ph.D.
Graduated:   December 2008
Dissertation:  An Examination of the Effects of Stimulant Medication on the IQ Test Performance of Children with ADHD
Internship:  Chronic Mental Illness Track- Federal Bureau of Prisons

Laura E. Knouse, Ph.D.
Graduated:   December 2008
Dissertation:  Adult ADHD, Metamemory, and Self-Regulation in Context
Internship:  Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School

Megan Key Gabalda, Ph.D.
Graduated:   August 2007
Dissertation:  The Association Between ADHD and Adolescent Risky Sexual  Behavior
Internship:  Emory University

Elizabeth Holt McGee, Ph.D.
Graduated:   May 2007
Dissertation:  Factors Associated with the Development of Anxiety Among Children with ADHD
Internship:  The Guidance Center, Murfreesboro, TN

Laura Hennis Rhoads, Ph.D.
Graduated:   December 2006
Dissertation:  The Link between ADHD & Oppositional-Defiant Disorder: Risk and Protective Factors
Internship:  University of Louisville Medical Center

Cryshelle Schouest Patterson, Ph.D.
Graduated:    December 2006
Dissertation:  Parental Symptoms of ADHD & Maternal Responsiveness in Mother-Child Interactions: Implications for Child
Language Functioning
Internship:  University of Alabama at Birmingham

Suzanne E. Farley, Ph.D.
Graduated:    August 2006
Dissertation:  The Relationship between Maternal ADHD, Parenting, and Child Behavior
Internship:  Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Lisa Gerrard Rochford, Ph.D.
Graduated:    May 2005
Dissertation:  Attending to Attachment: The Relation between ADHD & Mother-Child Attachment in Early Childhood
Internship:  Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Andrea Lynn Boyd, Ph.D.
Graduated:    May 2003
Dissertation:  The Impact of ADHD on African American Families
Internship:  Institute of Juvenile Research, University of Illinois at Chicago

Stephanie Shaffer Huzij, Ph.D.
Graduated:    December 2002
Dissertation:  The Parenting Cognitions Scale: Development and Validation in a Clinic-Referred and Community Sample
Internship:  University of Maryland Medical Center

Erika Klinger Ryan, Ph.D.
Graduated:    May 2002
Dissertation:  ADHD Symptoms in Parents of Children with ADHD: Impact on Family Functioning
Internship:  Monmouth Medical Center

E. Paige Temple, Ph.D.
Graduated:    December 2001
Internship:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Julie King Esther, Ph.D.
Graduated:    December 2001
Dissertation:  A Psychometric Examination of ADHD Diagnostic Thresholds and Symptom List Content
Internship:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill