Welcome to the ADHD Clinic at UNCG


How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the ACCESS project?

Undergraduate students ages 18 to 30 who have either been diagnosed with ADHD or suspect that they have ADHD are encouraged to contact us to determine eligibility for the project. An eligibility screening evaluation will then be conducted, free of charge, that addresses ADHD and other psychological conditions that can either look like ADHD or exist alongside ADHD. Upon completing the screening evaluation, you will receive a written summary of your results, which can serve as documentation for receiving services from other campus units. You can also share this summary report with other health care providers with whom you may work in the future.

What are the benefits of receiving ACCESS?

Improved academic, personal, and social functioning are the intended benefits of participating in ACCESS.

When will I receive ACCESS?

All eligible UNCG undergraduate students will receive ACCESS; however, because this is a randomized controlled trial, not everyone receives ACCESS at the same time. Some students will receive ACCESS immediately, while others will receive it on a delayed basis, approximately one year after enrollment in the study.  The timeline for when you will begin receiving ACCESS will be determined randomly, which means that you will have a 50% chance for receiving it immediately and a 50% chance for receiving it on a delayed basis. Regardless of when you start, participation in this study does not in any way restrict other services you can receive here at UNCG or in the community, including academic accommodations, counseling, and/or medication.

What treatment services does ACCESS provide?

There are two service components to ACCESS – a group-administered program and individual mentoring. Both service components are delivered over the course of two consecutive semesters. In the first semester of ACCESS, students receive weekly group and mentoring services for a period of 8 weeks and meet with their mentor an additional two times near the end of the semester. In the second semester, students meet with their mentor four to six times and are encouraged to attend a group “booster session” as well.

What is the group program?

The group program is an 8-session Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program designed specifically for students with ADHD.  Sessions are 90 minutes in length and are held weekly. The goals of the group program are to:

  • Increase knowledge of ADHD
  • Increase use of effective organizational, planning, time management, and other behavioral skills
  • Increase use of adaptive thinking strategies to promote emotional well being

How large are the ACCESS groups and when do they meet?

Groups range in size from three to seven students and generally meet in the afternoon or early evening.

What happens during mentoring?

Concurrent with the group program, students also meet weekly with an individual mentor in order to help them:

  • Apply what they learned in group
  • Connect with campus resources that may be of additional benefit to them
  • Set and achieve personal goals, and receive support

Who runs the groups and mentoring sessions?

The CBT group and mentoring sessions are run by UNCG staff and graduate students trained specifically to deliver the ACCESS porogram.

If I choose to participate in ACCESS, can I also use additional services on campus such as Office of Accessibility Resources and Services?

Yes. In fact, ACCESS encourages students to seek out such services in order to promote their success in college.

Is there any cost to participate in ACCESS?

No. ACCESS is a clinical research study funded by the US Department of Education, and therefore there is no cost to participate. In fact, you will be compensated monetarily for completing measures that help us to evaluate the program.

How much of a time commitment is ACCESS?

The screening process to determine your eligibility for the project takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. During the first semester of the program, you will attend 8 weekly group sessions for 90 minutes each. You will also meet weekly for 8-10 weeks with your individual mentor for about 30 minutes. In addition, you will complete a packet of questionnaires before and after completing the program, which takes about 60 to 75 minutes each time.  During the group program, you will also complete a series of brief (5 minute) web-based surveys. In the second semester of the program, you will be invited to attend a single group session, meet with your mentor four to six times, complete the packet of questionnaires again, and respond to the same series of web surveys. We will also ask that you complete the packet of questionnaires a final time 6 months after finishing the program. Whenever you complete questionnaires, we will pay you cash to compensate you for your time.

Students who are assigned to the delayed-treatment group will be asked to complete the same series of questionnaires and web surveys as students receiving ACCESS during their first two semesters in the research project.  They will receive cash to compensate them for their time. When they receive ACCESS services, they will not be asked to complete any additional measures.

Where is ACCESS?

The ACCESS program takes place at the ADHD Clinic at UNCG, which is conveniently located on campus at  the 1100 West Market Street  Building (3rd floor), on the corner of Market and Tate Streets, approximately one block from the UNCG Music Building. Parking is available in the lot behind our building in designated spaces that say “Reserved for Psychology.”

I am interested in ACCESS. How do I get involved?

For more information, please contact the ACCESS Project Coordinator, Dr. Kristen King, at (336) 346-3195 x301. We look forward to hearing from you!