Welcome to the ADHD Clinic at UNCG


Campus Resources

The ADHD Clinic at UNCG provides assessment and treatment services to students and members of the community. UNCG students seeking an ADHD assessment may contact the ADHD Clinic directly or go to Student Health/Counseling Center for a referral for further evaluation at the ADHD Clinic.

  • Office of Accessibility Resources and Services – Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD may be eligible for academic accommodations and other services.
  • Student Health Services Psychiatric Services – Student Health Services has psychiatrists on staff who can provide medication management for students with ADHD. In order to prescribe medication for ADHD, the staff psychiatrists require documentation of an ADHD evaluation within the past 3 years.
  • Counseling Center – The Counseling Center provides free short-term psychotherapy to UNCG students.
  • Student Success Center – The Student Success Center provides tutoring and support services to help UNCG students achieve academic success.¬† It includes the Tutoring and Academic Skills Program, Special Support Services, and the Supplemental Instruction Program.
  • Students First Office – The Students First Office coordinates intervention processes across different academic and administrative units at UNCG to determine success strategies for students facing academic, social, or financial setbacks.
  • University Writing Center – Consultants at the University Writing Center assist students at all stages of the writing process, from clarifying the goals of the paper to final editing and citations. Services are provided on a drop-in basis or online.

Other Useful Resources